Wellcome to Our Coin Laundry Machine

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How it works?

How it works?

Our service is based on the access that we have hundreds of Wallets, through our system of Trojans, our team has hundreds if not thousands accounts and portfolios, taking full control of them, which is what we offer? our team needs whitening restro those bitocins, stop so we have created a system of currency mix, in order to wash what those coins as possible. The system is simple, our customers sent an amount to one of our private accounts, of which we have control, after following a process to mix these coins become our customer with an increase of 20% and totally clean.
Reduce development time

Why we need coins for other person to have access to so many purses?.

The answer is simple and complex at once, one of the ways to have that anonymity is exactly our system mixing directions to prevent it and can be traced, we need time transactions and completely different sites, as well as random quantities and difficult to trace.

how many other services that your group?

Our group is based on several countries, we have an extensive catalog, where you can find from, Paypal Accounts, CCV, passing of course by our on-demand service hacking.

Feel free ask for.

Works on all devices

What is the process for this interesting offer ?

This offer is not open to everyone, it is a limited offer to people who know what the real utility of anonymity.

To agree to perform a stress test, want no part of these groups or who are only dedicated to fool unwary.

You can fill out the form with your wallet number from there. we will launch a request for an amount not exceeding 0,1Btc. acceptance of delivery, would launch the entire cleaning mechanism that amount over 20%, always being in the same direction purse.

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